Intermission is a community for elite athletes to access training, coaching, and resources that prepare this group of high potential entrepreneurs to earn a living and continue to make a social impact beyond sports retirement.

Elite level athletes can access specialized programs and career coaching services

Athlete Learners can review our team of educators during their introductory call with Intermission. We will also setup a complementary coach call for all interested current and former elite athletes. If you are ready to get started, fill out this form and we’ll set up a time to answer questions and kick things off.

Professional athletes-turned-educators can access earning opportunities to teach and coach within the platform

Intermission has been enrolling a growing roster of teachers and coaches with experience teaching and coaching younger athletes during their transition to careers after sports. Educators interested in participating in life and career coaching within Intermission’s platform, can reach out by completing this short form.

The global professional sports market deserves a more comprehensive education ecosystem exclusively for athletes.