IM Students & Subscribers get access to a platform of curated programs, coaches, and other career development resources.

Academic Programs

Education programs are led by a primary instructor, who guides sessions multiple times a week through each 8-12 week course. Along the way guest lecturers complement the lead instructor and provide depth to the training experience and provide exposure to different leadership roles in the desired field. Throughout the formal program and after, students are provided a package of coach calls among Intermission’s network of educators.
The list of specialized programs just for athletes will continue to grow. Today, Intermission is offering independent study programs in the following disciplines: Communications Mastery, Financial Education, Entrepreneurship, and Athlete Activism.

Education Subscriptions

Intermission’s career coaching is delivered in subscriptions and provides access to a vetted roster of life and career coaches. Many are former athletes themselves and have experience in leadership positions post sports.
These subscription packages are offered in monthly packages and come with a dynamic set of resources and learning activities all accessible in a private, online learning management system.

Athlete Learners can set an introductory call with our team to discuss all the features of Intermission’s career development services.